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The beauty of Copenhagen –> Idea: travelling

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Today’s post will be about a city I love soooo much. Either you are a traveller or a student or a person seeking a nice place to live, I recommend to take a look at Copenhagen. I have been in many European cities but this one is right in my heart. Since my first visit I loved the good-looking and handsome people, clean and beautiful landscapes, nice environment, huge great parks and …I can go on for a while. Copenhagen is a city on the one hand but managed to keep its citizens quality of life a first priority. As in whole Denmark (maybe less in Copenhagen but still in a high degree), people do not seem stressed, lost or in a hurry. On the contrary, public libraries, great facilities, amazing parks and public services that every country could use as an example offer a simplicity in life-the way it should be. Moreover, Copenhagen is voted as one of the greenest European cities and it is famous for its cycling culture, wind energy and its ambition to become a carbon neutral city.

In many ways, this city is a nice model for inspiration and application to other big cities. I will not go into its disadvantages (maybe another time when I’ve lived the city more), because the advantages are so many that compensate for the others. Keep the magic alive 🙂

As I just moved in Copenhagen, I am still getting to know the city, however I have visited some basic attractions which you can see below.

If you are visiting Denmark or Copenhagen, these links might be useful:,,

If you are a student or job seeker in Denmark, maybe this link might help:

Here is a picture of Copenhagen (although difficult to capture in some photos):

1. Little mermaid: I have heard so many people being disappointed when the got to see this. After their comments, I was ready to see something not special, but on the contrary, when I arrived there, I could not get my eyes off her. There’s just something mystical and so melancholic on this statue. Although tons of tourists were trying to get photographed there, there was still peace and quiet around…so magical.

Tip: Try to feel how it would be if this little statue were a real person and you were just sitting next to her. 🙂


2. Nyhavn: Meeting point and very beautiful buildings of this “new port”.

Tip: take a walk, get a beer, sit down and relax if you get to see a sunny day. Enjoy!



3. Tivoli: Amusement park for children and adults! Great way to spend a day and feel like a child 🙂

Tip: Get the full ticket and get access to all that Tivoli has to offer. Don’t be afraid to try ALL wild rides-besides this is why you went there. Image


4. Hans Christian Andersen


5. Star shaped Kastellet and a park: Both are amazing to take a walk or run. You will see plenty of people running- Danes are fit and you will notice that. Exercise is an everyday routine. These photos are from spring so it was even more beautiful.

Tip: If you have a sunny day, check out how many people lie on the grass. Do it, it feels good. Plus, couples lying under such amazing trees…how much more romance do you want?





6. Cycling: Why use your car? Personally, I still can’t use it because I am not used to the weather, but you will see Danes cycling everywhere even against the wind, even on snow, even on minus 15 Celcius. I wish I could do that!



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