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What to do on a lazy Sunday in Copenhagen –> Idea: entertainment

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When Sunday finally comes, I just want to enjoy it as much as possible before Monday ruins it! So, I came up with a plan sort of an algorithm of what you could do today for example! Let’s see!

Depending on if you have good or bad weather, if you are broke or not and where you are, here are some ideas!


So if you had result X you can:

1. Go to Tivoli: It is decorated in Halloween themes and is pretty amazing. You can ride, eat, have a drink, relax, shop, entertain yourselves or your kids. Perfect way to make your day non-boring and entertain your whole family (including grandparents 🙂 ).





2. Go to an amusement park: If you are not in Copenhagen, it is really worth it to find something similar to Tivoli (unless you can go to Disneyland).


3. Go to Nyhavn and Strøget: Lots of people, great for a beer.




4. Go to the nearest park: Take your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbour and go have a picnic or a beer to the nearest park. Mine is really nice and I go there for running as well.


5 and 6. Have dinner, go to movies: Wherever you are, if it’s cloudy it’s boring. BUT if you do have money, invite your friends to dinner, go to a restaurant or go to the movies!

7 and 8. Puzzle: Wherever you are, if it’s cloudy and you have no money, it’s a tough day… However, you can buy in advance a puzzle for these days. So, when this days comes you are prepared! Make a coffee or a hot chocolate and get that puzzle! My boyfriend bought this and although he made all the hard parts I enjoyed it!


Hope this helped!


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One thought on “What to do on a lazy Sunday in Copenhagen –> Idea: entertainment

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