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What to do when you have no clue–> Idea: Entertainment


Well if you do have only a free weekend after a long week, you have to enjoy it right? I had no idea what to do last week but I DID know I wanted to get out! So here’s some ideas of where to go and what to do when you have no clue!

Sometimes I look to travel guides or websites for people’s reviews or suggestions but usually they are not helpful. So I want to believe that the following pictures might help a bit!

We started with a walk near the lakes of Østerbrogade where we had a delicious hamburger at Halifax Burger and Restaurant! Yummy!

Halifax Burger

Afterwards, we headed back in the centre to have a nice cappuccino at Zirup cafe (avoid evening hours on Saturday if you want to get a table in a cafe/restaurant this day).

We had a nice shopping visit at Torvehallerne, where you can find lots of stuff from allover the world and perfect coffee. I have found this shop with nougat below (my favourite: raspberry) and the second one is… I think… oil?

Here is what I bought from Torvehallerne! Delicious chocolates!!!



Illum is a nice shopping mall with tons of shops for all family and cafes inside. Now it’s also decorated and soooo pretty!

THE perfect Saturday  could not end by me not buying what I am longing for quite a while now: a coffee machine! I have used this one before (Dolce Gusto) and since it’s pretty easy to use and was on sail I got it! Wide range of coffees and other beverages to choose although a bit costly but I think it’s worth it’s money. I would not have made that good cappuccino by myself 🙂


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4 thoughts on “What to do when you have no clue–> Idea: Entertainment

  1. The goodies from Torvehallerne look so good…even on their website!


  2. A XOCO chocolate! Good things really do come in small packages


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