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Amazing firework show in New Year in Copenhagen –> I am speechless


People told me to be prepared for the fireworks in Copenhagen, but I think they didn’t stress this enough!! For 3 days I was watching non-stop fireworks everywhere in the city, which means also in front of my house, and quite frankly I was a bit annoyed because I couldn’t sleep (it’s so nice to wake up by explosions 50 meters from you in the middle of the night!).

What I experienced though when New Year was approaching was beyond description… billions or trillions of fireworks were to be seen and, if you had a nice view from a high building like me, you could watch the fireworks over a very large distance and it was simply amazing.

I have never seen so many fireworks before but for sure it was THE best experience for a New Year to begin. I am speechless and amazed.

P.S. I am so sorry that I don’t have a better camera to capture this, however I hope you can take an idea from a 4 minute video. This kept happening for days, not hours, but this is the peak in New Year.

Happy New Year everyone!



Author: ariadni's thread

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9 thoughts on “Amazing firework show in New Year in Copenhagen –> I am speechless

  1. Amazing firework, it’s so beautiful! Wishing you a happy new 2013! πŸ˜€


  2. I love how you mentioned that ‘it’s so nice to wake up by explosions 50 meters from you in the middle of the night’ πŸ˜‰ Did everyone buy their own fireworks to play with, or was this an organized celebration?

    Happy new year!


    • Well yes but I was being sarcastic πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      It’s rather terrifying to jump up in your sleep every 30 minutes!!! I think everyone bought their own fireworks but it’s grown to be a custom. This means thousands of drunk people with fireworks in their hands e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. I hope I have given the image correctly haha!!


      • No worries, I understood the sarcasm πŸ˜‰ I thought it was quite hilarious actually–drunkards running around with fireworks! In reality, I’m sure it must have been much more irritating and humorous to be woken up like that!


  3. Sorry, I meant irritating THAN humorous (I’m sure it wasn’t really funny, but your video definitely brought a smile to my day)


    • Don’t worry I get what you mean! Plus you get the image exactly as it was ;P
      It was really fun to watch, but to my opinion very dangerous. The news said it was the year with the least accidents but I experienced at least 2 accidents in front of my house!
      In total, dunk people and fireworks should not be combined for any reason! Hehe!


  4. We were surprised at fireworks every night the week we were there, and like you said, it got a bit annoying after a while! But now I’m sorry we left before New Year’s Eve – this is fabulous! Like the city is sparkling. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh yes you know exactly what I mean! I believe the only moment when I didn’t get annoyed was New Year’s Eve, it was such a unique experience to see billions of fireworks wherever you turned your eye on! I really suggest next time try not to miss it! I hope you had a nice time in Copenhagen!


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