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Sneak peek for the week: Where to go in Copenhagen–>Idea: Entertainment


Lately, after work, instead of rushing home I tried to have dinner, coffee or a shopping tour in different places! As I explore Copenhagen slowly, I will share the places I enjoy and I will not mention at all the ones I didn’t like. Here is a sneak peek of this week!

1. First is Butterfly in Lyngby Storcenter. Comfy couch and quick serving plus a very tasteful burger meal with special cases on the plate for ketchup etc! I decided to visit this center after so many ads but I wasn’t excited about the place, I think other malls are more pretty. However, this restaurant saved the day.

2. Baresso is a well known chain of coffee shops in Denmark with good coffee, large variety of drinks hat often change in the menu and great snacks. You can find them everywhere around Denmark. However, what excites me more is Fisketorvet itself, it is my favourite among the shopping centres in Copenhagen. Baresso in Fisketorvet is located in an open area in front of the stairs so you have a great view inside the center.

3 and 4. Cafe Zeze is in the centre of Copenhagen in an area with many choices for cafes and restaurants. We accidentally got inside but it turned out to be very nice. Very nice and helpful waitress, low lounge music and tasty food (I had the Ceasar’s salad) and red wine that the waitress suggested.

Personally, whenever I want a suggestion, I try to find something in tourist guides and and websites, but they were almost always misleading. So, I turned to blog posts andย  from my next post I will try to visit and share places that I find in blogs.

Let’s see what CPH has to offer!


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2 thoughts on “Sneak peek for the week: Where to go in Copenhagen–>Idea: Entertainment

  1. Great Blog, wish this was written before I went in November ๐Ÿ™‚


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