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Reality or pure photoshop? Idea: Photography, travelling @Fotografiska museum Stockholm, Sweden


One of the quite interesting museums in Stockholm was Fotografiska museum although not my favourite. There were photos and cinema rooms placed in 2 floors: the ground floor consisted of photography based on a specific technique (I think) and the second floor was work done by famous photographers that used to capture wars and daily life. Moreover, you could see portraits of famous people like Scarlet Johannson.For me the best part of this museum was the cafe on the top: it had THE best view of the canals in Stockholm.

In general, the museum was nicely arranged and well modern-decorated. The collection was relatively short. I would definitely recommend to visit it, IF you have bought the Stockholm card, which gives you free access to many museums. Otherwise, I don’t see the point pf paying every time the relatively high price of Swedish attractions, when you will spend maximum half an hour to see it.

It is recommended for: professional photographers who would know much more about the techniques used, or amateur photographers searching for ideas. However, if you just have time to spare, it’s worth a visit.

It is not recommended: if you expect to find a giant photo collection.

However, doesn’t it look weird?? It took me some time trying to realize how they have edited the pictures.

See and judge for yourself!!


Fotografiska museum at Stockholm, collection on ground floor-applying techniques


Gift shop at ground floor, you can see the camera lense used as coffee mug 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Reality or pure photoshop? Idea: Photography, travelling @Fotografiska museum Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Interesting, thank you for posting! Nice pics. I hope you had a good time in Sweden! 🙂 I visited Fotografiska muséet two years ago, even though I don’t have to travel very far to get there…(I live in Arboga) I agree with your recommendations. Im thinking of go to the museum and Stockholm this summer again 🙂


    • Hi Sofia, I loved my stay there, Sweden is awesome!
      I expected something more to be honest based on the reviews. I liked much more the medieval museum for example. But again, I bought the Stockholm card and I had free access everywhere. I found it completely insane to pay high fee entrance to each museum just to see 10-30 minutes. The royal exhibitions for example required several tickets, each one of which lasted maximum 10 minutes (waste of money).
      But apart form that, people, cafes and everyday life was just awesome. Once again I was so glad to be there 🙂


      • I agree with you, the prices are far to high! It’s better in Gothenburg I think. But im glad you enjoyed your trip! 🙂


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