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This is how the right morning starts: at Granola, Copenhagen –> Idea: Entertainment, Food and drinks


Amazing sweet breakfast plate at Copenhagen’s Granola. This has turned out to be the highlight of my stay here.

What is really a better way to start your day other than this?

This sweet breakfast plate has turned out to be my highlight of my stay here in Copenhagen and my only thought every Sunday morning. I have previously written about this here and here, but I truly think that it is worth mentioning again. Granola is not among the places that are advertised in city guides (it doesn’t need that), but yet is filled with foreigners, a sign that people do know about it.

I am not a huge fan of Danish cuisine and food, but I can truly say that after this plate and Rødgrød (here) I completely changed my mind and started looking for that cafe that makes the difference.

This specific plate consists of pancakes with fresh berries (separate place cheaper here), homemade jam/Rødgrød (MUST have: order the full plate of rodgrod here), cinnamon toast, praline, fruits and yoghurt. If you are a tourist or a Copenhagener or expat like me, try to go there. If you live far far away, I still think it’s a good idea to prepare this plate for your family or loved ones.

The only disadvantage of the place is that, because it is so good, it immediately gets crowded and you have to wait a lot. Avoid busy hours and preferably be there as soon as it opens to enjoy best service. I always try to attach the catalogs so that you can see if you can afford it (this is the last one:90 kr) 🙂

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Enjoy some old photos I have from there:


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6 thoughts on “This is how the right morning starts: at Granola, Copenhagen –> Idea: Entertainment, Food and drinks

  1. Oh, it looks so good.. mm delicious! 😀


  2. wow! I’d love to have such a great breakfast like that each day!!


    • yes it’s amazing! when i’m excited about something, you can easily see that! plus, i really think we can make it ourselves, so why not make us a nice breakfast sunday morning? 😀


  3. Ah Granola, on my list of places to check out this summer!


    • Oh yes, you should! Just try to avoid rush hours, because you will end up waiting a lot (moodkiller!).
      I recommend 1. sweet breakfast platter, 2. rodgrod (red fruit pudding) with ice cream. 🙂


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