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Riding the Swedish horse –> Idea: Travelling, entertainment


On my last visit to Stockholm, we decided to take a tour at the Djurgarden area, where Skansen is also located (more will come for Skansen later).

The red traditional horse or Dalarna (I think I have seen it named like this) was sitting there and you could just climb on top of it and enjoy. A bigger version of this (a really big one maybe 20 meters high) was in Avesta, a city northern of Sweden, some years ago. I suppose of course it’s still there.

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Author: ariadni's thread

Who am I? Passionate for capturing little moments of daily life, a diary of my journey called life. This blog ''explores everyday life'', so therefore you will find topics such as photography, travelling, food and drinks, living, gardening, entertainment, decoration and much more. Meet me on my blog and other accounts for more info!

2 thoughts on “Riding the Swedish horse –> Idea: Travelling, entertainment

  1. Beautiful shot! I havn’t seen this in Skansen 🙂 It’s been a few years since I was there.


    • Thank you so much! Maybe they have added things since then! It was a really nice place to walk around, nice view of the river and nice cafes inside and bakeries (yes i can’t get enough coffee) 😀


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