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Paludan Bogcafe: Alternative cafe bookshop –>Idea: Entertainment

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Paludan Bogcafe

One of my favourite cafes in Copenhagen lies right in the center of the city (next to Nørrreport station): it mostly attracts students and tourists but I think locals prefer is as well. This cafe (Paludan Bogcafe) serves also as a bookshop as its walls are covered with books, which you can read, but it also offers wireless connection so you can practically do everything.

During my visits I have only tried cold and hot beverages and coffees but my eye fell on the brunch some people were eating next to me. The brunch looked similar to the one offered in Granola (here), a full platter with yoghurt, bread, fruits and other stuff preparing you for a long day (check here).

I would definitely recommend this place for people who are searching for a nice place to drink their coffee or read a book, or those just searching that alternative cafe. However, I don’t like the fact that it is always so crowded, thus having a lot of noise and loud music. I could blog and surf on the net just fine but not at all study (maybe I am getting old 🙂 because all the students around me seem to study just fine).

Morning cappuccino

I hope you enjoy the pics!

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