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The longest trip from Denmark to Greece ever (24 hours) –> Idea: Travelling


The longest trip to Greece ever –> Idea: Travelling

I waited so long for this trip: summer holidays in Greece is my must for every summer (will complain a LOT about the 40 degrees Celsius but can’t live without it)!! Unfortunately, Denmark-Greece is no longer an easy travel (if you have a limited budget), after Cimber went bankrupt. So I traveled in total for 24 hours with 12 hours waiting time in Athens and 8 hours waiting time in Copenhagen.

I did pay a lot and it was a hell, so I am looking forward to see some change in that matter, as with only one airline in the game, prices are higher than if I had to go to America. Come on…

Anyway, for similar lo-ooong waiting times in:

1. Copenhagen: Everything after 8.00 PM (shops and bars, cafes, restaurants except duty free) is closed. Which means you are trapped in a place with limited lighting and no people or very few around (kind of creepy). My advice is to stay in the transfer center where there are tables, couches to sleep and plugs to plug in your computer. From time to time, take a walk around the airport. You might see other people as bored as you, but don’t rush. Shops and cafes will not open before 5.00 am. Make sure you have a lot of episodes on your computer and order in advance your CPH advantage card to get free access to the airport’s unlimited internet.

Note: Here you pass the security control, right after you check in, so you can wander to shops and also go to the gates when you are ready.

Transfer centre in CPH Copenhagen airport: a room with couches, tables and plugs to charge phones and computers. Coffee and chocolates available at 2 machines in the room.

2. Athens: In Athens, during the day things were easier. Plenty of people and shops, but I have the impression that a visitor has less options than in CPH. However, it is a pleasant experience to walk around and have a coffee before you go to the gates (here you visit shops etc, and then you pass security control when you decide it’s time for your gate. There’s nothing to do afterwards than wait.) Having said that, I enjoyed my regular Greek frappe (not that favourite, but when you miss something, you just drink it) and a feta pastry (bread with sesamy stuffed with feta). Major disadvantage of Athens is the 1-hour internet, which doesn’t even work when the airport is crowded. Stay in this area and only go to the gates, when it’s time to leave.

Note: As we said, shops and bars are before security control and there’s nothing to do afterwards.

Greek frappe and feta pastry in Athens airport, Greece.

Waiting after the gates in Athens airport reading the local magazine.

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2 thoughts on “The longest trip from Denmark to Greece ever (24 hours) –> Idea: Travelling

  1. Looks great! Hope your trip is (or was) nice!!


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