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Where the old joins the new: The Black Diamond –> Idea: Travelling


Denmark’s libraries are one of the landmarks a tourist should see: cozy, fully equipped and a meeting point for all ages.

This one, featuring in this post, the Royal Library or Black Diamond is a slight exception: the old meets the new – an old fashioned english-like library is combined with the super modern new part and together they form an attraction. Built across the river/fjord separating Copenhagen in half, it has a wonderful view if you just need to hang out peacefully, surf and have a coffee. Otherwise, if you need to study, try one of the reading rooms or halls with big old wooden desks. The reading rooms are awfully quiet (do not even whisper) and the hall on the other hand is extremely cold (blankets offered). What you can do there is:

  • study in the reading rooms without registration
  • find and read danish newspapers
  • search for old danish articles
  • access journals and databases
  • surf with wireless (poor connection when crowded)
  • enjoy a coffee by the cafe watching over the waterfront (I recommend that. Plugins were available in the hall, I am not sure about the reading rooms. If you have no battery issues, take your laptop on the stand next to the cafe and sit there. Best spot.)

This is an attraction for Denmark, however in my opinion the rest of the libraries have much more to offer. It is definitely worth a visit but if you need a comfortable place to stay and study, try other libraries as well (favourite so far: Main library, Hovedbibliotek in Krystalgade next to Nørreport st).

Area in front of entrance of the Royal Library.

Area in front of entrance of the Black Diamond or Royal Library.

You can also sit outside next to the waterfront.

Waterfront and water-bus.

The Royal Library or Black Diamond

I hope you enjoy the pics!

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3 thoughts on “Where the old joins the new: The Black Diamond –> Idea: Travelling

  1. Beautiful photos!
    Very nice post. I’ve been in the Black diamond, but when I was there it was almost time to close so I didn’t see much of it unfortunatelly. I hope I will the next time I get there. Seems to have much to offer and beautiful architecture also!


  2. Do you have a photo from inside?


    • You just reminded me what I was missing in this post! Photos from the inside, that’s why I kept in drafts haha! Promise I will go and take some photos soon and update the post! In my opinion, it is the old royal library that has to offer in terms of design and not the new one. Same thing happens in all Copenhagen, new modern buildings are replacing the old beautiful ones, which is a shame… But anyway, thanks for reminding me haha!


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