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Happy New Year – Welcome 2014–> Idea: Photography


Happy New Year 2014! This is a mix of the Danish Christmas dinner that I prepared for my family in Greece and the Greek part of it.


Happy New Year to all!  After a very rough year, I only want to wish joy and happiness to everyone and lots of smiles!

This year was special for my family, as I decided to ”force” them to get in touch with some Danish culture and cuisine. Together with the regular Greek desserts and pies that we usually prepare, I also put on the table Danish food that I brought from Denmark and some that I baked myself.

Here is what I prepared from the Danish side:

I also put flags on top of them with their Danish, English and Greek name, which was fun when we realised that some words were actually Greek originally!

  1. Hyldeblomst (elder flower or κουφοξυλιά) mixed with champagne.
  2. Rugbrød ( Rye bread or σκούρο ψωμί σίκαλης νομίζω) which you use to make smørrebrød (open sandwich). I didn’t want to make it totally danish so I used cheese, ham and tzatziki instead to put on top.
  3. Blomme chocolates (Chocolates with plum or σοκολατάκια με δαμάσκηνο).
  4. Pebbernødder (peppernuts or σε ελεύθερη μεταφραση πιπεροκαρύδια;), although according to my Danish friends, there is no pepper or nuts in them.
  5. Økologiske mandler med hvid chokolade og hindbærpulver (Organic almonds with white chocolate and raspberry powder).
  6. Drømmekage (Dream cake or κέικ όνειρο). The original one is very tasty and I am looking to find the recipe!
  7. Lakrids (Liquorice or Γλυκόρριζα ) comes from the Greek word originally and is taken out from a substance of the root of a plant. Danes love it and foreigners usually hate it, but it is all a matter of taste and what you are used to eat. Still it is very Danish and good to have for such an event.
  8. Snebolde med marcipan (snowballs with marcipan or χιονόμπαλες με αμυγδαλόπαστα) are small marcipan balls which I love (the alternative is Fugleæg for Easter).
  9. Gammeldags Æblekage (old fashioned apple cake or παλιά μηλόπιτα). I prepared that based on a recipe from a friend and I totally love it. You can look it up on the internet as there are hundreds of variations and videos to support you, depending on your taste.
  10. Scandinavian Gløgg (Κρασί ζεστό με καρυκεύματα). This is close to the German gluhwein but more enhanced. It contains wine, alcohol like rum or brandy, spices, raisins, pine cone and much more. It is served hot and is very good.


Hyldeblomst with champagne

Scandinavian Glogg

Gammeldags Æblekage (applecake although there is no baking required).

Danish Christmas in Greece


Here is some of the food we had from the Greek side (more in later posts):

  1. Vasilopita (βασιλόπιτα) is a cake specially made for New Year’s Day. A coin is hidden in it and whoever gets it is the lucky one 🙂
  2. We had another cake (the pink one below), food and refreshments but they will come in a later post.


Vasilopita: Greek cake for New Year’s Day

Extra cake for something sweet!

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Welcome 2014–> Idea: Photography

  1. wow.. all looks so delicious and Yummy.. great pictures.. thank you for sharing.


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