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Living in a canal –> Idea: Travelling


While in Amsterdam, you can notice quite a few weird things. No, not the standard ones for which Amsterdam is so well known. You notice others, like small vehicles that look like miniature cars for example (see coming posts) and houses fixed in the canals. Yes, houses built inside the canals.  It took us some time to realize that the canals were full of small buildings that looked like houses and that people living in there seemed to enjoy it! In fact, I watched a documentary stating that they like to have their curtains open, because they have nothing to hide and they want to be ‘open’ to the others this way. Frankly, both me and my boyfriend were confused, because our brain could not decide if this was a good or bad idea! Anyhow, I leave this decision to the reader and I will just attach here how these houses looked like:

Most of the canals were occupied on both sides by these houses. Not sure if this was done due to lack of space, but it would make a good reason. Weirdly, they don’t look odd. I would say they look quite ok.

This is one house fixed in a canal. A staircase leads from the street down to the house. Most of them had a big living room and some sort of garden. Open curtains were the rule, so life in there was easy to observe 🙂

More from Amsterdam in Netherlands and looooots from the 2 greek islands Santorini and Mikonos, that I never had the chance to post, will come soon!

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2 thoughts on “Living in a canal –> Idea: Travelling

  1. I rented a houseboat when I was in Amsterdam. It was cute and charming, but very small. We enjoyed it, but am unlikely to do it again.

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