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Getaway to Malmo

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Wonderful park close to the train station (Kungsparken). You can also find a windmill there.

Since the weather has decided to go against our will for walks and going out, we decided not to limit ourselves in 4 walls and not even in Copenhagen, so just for a change, Swedish Malmo is always a nice getaway. Small city but quite lively and charming. I am always surprised by how crowded it is, no matter the cold or warm weather. People love to go out, and you can clearly see their love to socialize and enjoy a long coffee over a nice talk (or liberating gossip, whatever…) with their friends. Living in Copenhagen, I sometimes miss this opportunity to just get lost in your friends’ company and stay for hours in a cafe talking with them, since it is more popular here to either get a coffee to go or have a quick one and rush out. Unless of course, I have not found the right place, I am ready to listen!

Take a look at our day in Malmo and how it was in pictures!

Window shopping and freezing. I guess I am seeing teapots here.


Quick stop at the Espresso house in the square Lilla Torg, I believe. Vintage buildings providing today’s coziness.

Design idea in the middle of the square Lilla Torg. Not sure what the artist wanted to indicate here, but maybe ‘feel like you are in your bedroom?’

Hot cup of chocolate with marshmallows, sandwich, muffin and cake completed this wonderful getaway.

A bit more strolling around in the streets of freezing Malmo and we are ready to get back to Denmark.

Night light falling upon us. Still in wintertime so night comes pretty early.

And off we go to the train, right after we take a look at another design concept. I have to admit that train stations in Sweden are surprisingly clean (compared to other countries) and look like small shopping centres and a place where you can easily stop to get a cup of coffee or relax.

Great idea to brighten up a cold cement train station: put up some slides or videos to entertain the poor travellers and spread some colour around. I love such kind of concepts. It reminds me of the construction work in Copenhagen for the metro: it has messed up the city so badly, but they decorate the walls around the contruction works so wonderfully that it actually makes a nice impression on you.

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