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Sunflower power


Overwhelmed and thankful at the same time

Looking at this photo drives me back to such good memories of my last summer in Greece…Back to when I was enjoying the sun and the sea open in front of my eyes..and back when I was begging George to go out for photoshoots in 40 degrees celcius. Lucky enough for me, I managed to drag him out in the fields where he shot some amazing images. I honestly can’t choose which one I like most but I will slowly start rolling them out to share what has been my screensavers for the past year 🙂 🙂

Here we were in the middle of Evros (Έβρος), north of Greece. On the way to Didimoteicho (Διδυμότειχο) there were several fields with sunflowers but the best one by far was the one located next to a small church called church of Ai Giorgi (Αη Γιώργης).

I hope you enjoy the picture as I did! You can give some credit to the photographer here, he will be very happy! 🙂

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Author: ariadni's thread

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2 thoughts on “Sunflower power

  1. No doubt… this is an incredible shot… really a wallpaper stuff 🙂

    The way it’s composed is superb …

    Thanks a lot for sharing and have a beautiful day 🙂


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