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Revisiting the Botanical Garden

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When in Copenhagen, Botanical Garden was and still is a wonderful place to visit. Living in one of the greenest cities in the world is truly a privilege. After a few years here, it feels really easy to prefer a walk in the park rather than a cafe or restaurant or any urban like activity (no, I am not getting THAT old..)

I have observed that parks in Denmark have common links: a lake or small ‘river’, flowers, certain types of trees placed in rows or circles and ….copies of ancient statues or modern architecture. I focus especially on the latter, since I am used from Greece to seeing public statues being vandalized (no words, only shame) and other modern architectural displays creating lots of complaint. Of course there is a big difference between the situation in the 2 countries, but somehow this is one more observation that falls under the category inside my mind ‘Lessons learned’.

Hopefully more and more cities globally choose to make the leap towards a greener environment and a better place for its citizens!

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