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Rotterdam vibes

Ahhh…..Rotterdam! During the past year I had the honour to travel extensively there and can safely say it feels like second home! Although I did not experience it as a tourist, the city has a very lively vibe. If you are an architect, go for the design and architecture. If you just like to explore Holland, go for the night and day city life. It is worth a visit!

Although this may not be a typical post, here are some photos from my life in Rotterdam 🙂

Hotel view

How to relax after work at hotel

Artistic view edited by @george.zampoukis.photographer

Hotel relaxing area

Writing down memories

Hotel view for industrial landscape overs

Sunsets and hotel life

Views from gym

Although I can’t find this restaurant again, I think it was an old church turned into a restaurant. Magnificent inside!

Another view from the ‘medieval’ restaurant 🙂



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Friday bar at ITU university

Just recently I had the chance to attend a good friend’s graduation in Copenhagen University and we decided to pay a visit to the university nearby, that from the outside is pure glass and industrial design and on the inside…well, inside we were astonished.

I am not sure if the photos do any justice to this place, it was dark and I didn’t want to use the flash and annoy the students around, so a lot of edit had to take place in these pictures… But, I can safely say this is by far the best university building I have seen. From an architectural and educational point of view, I give my respect to the designer.

The rooms that extend out of the walls are actually group rooms so you can sit quietly with your group and work without running to each other’s houses or other noisy places.  Moreover, you don’t feel closed in 4 walls, you actually have a view! The place was full of students playing board games and computer online games, since also I believe some of the university courses are game theory and game design. Cool, huh? The university was equipped with gym and a Friday bar, making it a very good choice for hanging out there instead of running in the city to find a place. Now, I briefly stayed there and had a look, but if I was a student again, I would love to be in a university like this one!

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Industrial blue

Industrial blue on the windows of the building that is located close to Kastellet

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To walk or to bike? Bicycle bridge in Cph


To walk or to bike?

While walking this weekend, I ran across the new built bicycle lane-bridge in Copenhagen. From a top view I think it looks sort of like a snake and once again I have to admit Danes/government/anyone responsible for this architectural attempt. Even though I am not sure it offers as much as it promises (it seemed quite short and of small significance), for sure it adds credit to the city for considering innovative ideas and trying projects that you hardly see in other European cities. Well done!

I chose to post this photo in #FlickrFriday for this week’s theme Dilemma! My dilemma being…to walk or to bike?

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