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Aroma of Prague

Let’s wander a little bit in the streets of Prague…for some reason it sends me signals of melancholy to look at these pictures, I assume because the city style was kind of mixed; so many arts and eras put together. The Gothic buildings especially sometimes creep me out! But we are here to have fun, so if you are going in Prague, just get lost in the streets of the old town and you will not regret it!

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Scent of Prague

During November, we decided to take a weekend trip to a new city for us and just by looking at the flight prices and hotel deals, I have to say Prague was very appealing! We booked a bit hesitantly (we were waiting for the trap, we couldn’t believe it was such a good deal), but I am happy to say we were completely wrong.

Prague is a very good destination for a weekend and a couple. Quiet, beautiful, romantic, travelling you back in time and living again that fairytale are just some of the phrases I could use to describe this city.

We spent 3 days there, from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon, transport from/to the airport is easy and you can stay in the city without spending a fortune. Moreover, it is a quite affordable destination for most European citizens. Cafes and restaurants were lovely, great variety and very good food! Sadly, this beautiful city has been flooded various times, but somehow the locals have preserved and restored the historical centre and the whole city excellently. Well done!

Below you will see some photos but more posts will come. You are welcome to ask me for any tips! I hope you have a good time whenever you decide to visit!

One of the bridges in Prague crossing the river Vltava. The castle of course has a view of the whole city!

Architecture in Prague

Bohemian crystals are the most famous but I did not have the chance to visit Bohemia, will definitely do next time. Souvenirs though seemed equally nice.

The old town centre right next to the famous Astronomical clock.

Crystals can not only be transparent, right?

The old town centre was a square extremely busy and crowded. However we were assured many times that this was not a busy period, so I wonder how a busy one looks like!

Just like every mid European big city, Prague also has pedestrian alleys to enjoy a walk.

Admiring details and different architecture types. Buildings in Prague were frequently changed during the centuries according to the architectural period, therefore you can admire gothic, baroque and other details.

Bubbling in the city.

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Colourful city –> Idea: Photography

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