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Hidden paradise beach at Kolimpithres in Paros

One of the best beaches you will want to swim in is the tiny little beach called Kolimpithres (or Kolimvithres) in Paros. I’ve been there again and again and again and every time I admire the crystal clear water, the remoteness of the location and the moonlike landscape, rock formations which look like the moon, weirdly shaped and scarved. The beach is close to Naousa; either drive or take a bus but if I remember correctly there is also a boat from Naousa that can take you there in days when it is not too windy.

The water is crystalclear; I stress that and I push my friends (especially the foreign ones) to look for that remote tropical beach when they visit Greece (and not just dive in the first beach the see). Needless to say, the earlier you are there the better for you! It is a tiny beach and can very quickly become crowded! You are going to need to rent an umbrella and seats there unless of course you carry your own. That was the only downside I found last time I visited; the beach bar is quite expensive with slow service and old equipment but..if you go there with your own equipment, just forget about it.

Hope you like the photos! It’s first time I didn’t split the photos and I decided to post all of them, just to devote a whole post to this beauty!


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Getting the summer feeling at Naousa-Paros

Not a bad view, however this was the windy side of the island.

Ignoring electronic timetables and going instead for the traditional handwritten one 🙂

This windmill is in Paroikia, not Naousa, at the port, if I recall correclty.

When we visited Paros, we once again stayed in Paroikia , however most of our time we spend it in Naousa. Naousa is full of cafes, bars and beautiful small alleys where you can hide, have a coffee and cool down. Above you can see pictures of both while we were wandering on a hot day, and I will slowly post more pictures of both places!

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That sunset…

I cannot hide that I love silhouette photos, even the landscape ones.

Busy sea…so many tourists, so many ships..

Right after sunset this windmill turns into a lively cocktail bar!

Ain’t timing great?

Santorini may be the top greek island to watch the famous sunset but personally I experienced majestic sunsets in Naxos and Paros. In Paros specifically, we revisited the local old windmill that is placed on a hill and has view of the whole town and is also converted into a lively cocktail bar. No need to say more, watching the sunset was pure magic as the sun went down slowly, turned all shades of yellow-orange-red and dived into the sea, right when a ship was in front of it. Finishing touch was the cocktails on the bar with the view of the town’s lights. What a wonderful way to end a holiday day!

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Visiting Makrinitsa village in Pilion’s mountains

On Monday’s post I started by presenting Portaria, a small village on the mountains of Pilio, close to the city of Volos. On the next day of our trip, we chose to visit the next village which is also very well known and equally picturesque, called Makrinitsa. Makrinitsa is famous for its special architecture as you see in the last picture: houses hanging from the cliffs with roofs built out of stone. Moreover, the view of Volos beneath is breathtaking, therefore earning the title of ‘Pilion’s balcony’.

We strolled around the cobbled streets and admired the view for 2-3 hours. Local old women hold shops with local products and there is a cafeteria where also a very old Greek movie was filmed. I suggest stopping there and sipping a coffee while enjoying the view and getting cool under the huge trees.

Having coffee with this view…Not bad at all.

The houses are literally hanging from the cliffs.

This is the small square of the village where an old Greek movie was filmed. Here you can make a stop and have a coffee, the trees can help you cool on a very hot day.

Bells anyone?

Local shops in a market very similar of that in the Greek islands.

Roofs built of stone.

While entering the village, it is clear that the architecture is far from the urban one of the modern Greek cities.

Overlooking at Volos.

Quite a view of Volos right? This is why this village is called ‘the balcony of Pilion’.

I hope you like the pictures!!

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