Exploring everyday life

Who am I?

This blog is what the header says – “exploring everyday life”.

What is the purpose of the blog: Everyday life involves numerous aspects: photography, travelling, food and drinks, living, gardening, entertainment, decoration. Our life is full of small or bigger moments everyday that finally become our memories. When I started the blog, I was very keen on capturing every single moment, silly or serious, to remind myself one day that the small things in life brought me happiness.  In parallel, I was hoping to share this feeling with any readers might offer to spend a bit of their time on the blog.

So even though I thought of this blog as a photo collection, I got quite intrigued with blogging and fell in love with photography. Both turned out to be extremely time-consuming, so it really matters if you enjoy it! Right now, I am desperately trying to squeeze some time in between work to learn my new dslr camera and basic photo editing skills. Hopefully, you can see a progress!

Since this blog is a hobby outcome, I refuse to limit it to one theme. I like variety so expect all kinds of posts, from food to landscapes.

Where I am based: Currently based in Denmark, so many posts refer to Danish life, but often posts from Greece and other countries are in the plan!

Who am I:  Hopefully, that person that will make you smile or take your mind off your troubles. That person that loves capturing  little moments of everyday life.

My best advice-reminder to you (and me) would be: ”live as if it’s your last day”. Seize the day and leave nothing for tomorrow. 

Learn to appreciate those small moments in life and find the sunshine in the darkest day.

Enjoy your stay!

Greetings from sunny Greece in this picture!


Want to see more? Try my other sites:  Bloglovin, my flickr, my instagram, my google, my facebook, my youtube, my 500px and my pinterest

Feel free to say hi- I love reading comments! 😉


13 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. It’s very nice that you are presenting the beauty in the everyday life, and adding new perspectives to it too. Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    If you are interested, check my post:
    for more info.
    Congratulations, and enjoy your week


  3. hi hi.. greetings..
    You’re one of the winners for my November giveaway.. See this post for more information.
    Please contact me for the choice of prize and your mailing address.. cheers. 😀


    • Heyyy there thank you so much! I have seen your post but i am too busy lately to login from my compute to write a proper comment! I will send you my details though tomorrow possibly, i wont forget! Thank you so so so so much!!!


  4. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the sunshine award! Keep on blogging!


  5. Browsing through your blog for a few minutes… I couldn’t resist the temptation to have something different this evening 🙂

    going to a new restaurant right now.


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