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Somewhere hidden in Årø

What is the most remote place in Denmark you have been?

Today I had the chance to say that I have been to places where my Danish colleagues have never been. I am proudly adding more points to my destinations and I keep breaking my record for most remote places I can visit in Denmark!

Today I had the chance to visit Årø island for a day. Årø is not a remote island but you could technically call it that. It is close to mainland and a bit less than 2 hour boat trip from Haderslev with around 150 inhabitants and no supermarket. At least that is what stuck to my mind-I understand there’s no police, no ambulances, no doctors etc but how can there be no supermarket or minimarket at least? And what happens then to the nearby island called Bågø, where just 22 people live? Hats off to these people who seem to be very well trained and self sufficient!

Choosing to go to this island out of summer season indicates no activity….and I cannot stress this enough. If you wish to relax, fish, listen to the wind, talk with the birds, go for it. If on the other hand you would enjoy to hear periodically some voices during the day, try summer 🙂

So, how was our day there? We started our day by having lunch at an old barn, took a walk around the village and finished with a tour by a tractor bus to see the vineyards and landscape of the island.

So, I would really like to know, what is the most remote and interesting place in Denmark you have been?

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Apple trees and many more are calling you to take a bite 🙂

Church of the island

Is there a Danish house without the typical garden and trees?

Moments of serenity

Chasing lighthouses is a hobby I obtained in Denmark. Never been in one though!

We finished our walk by passing the lighthouse and walking towards the beach. White sand and blue water complete the picture.

Time to get the boat back to mainland. Trip back to Haderslev lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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A weekend in Copenhagen-the lazy tourist guide


Nyhavn: one of the best attractions in Copenhagen

So, over the past years, several people have turned to me to ask for advice for what to do in Copenhagen during a weekend. In the end I decided once to draw a map and circle around the attractions, list the cafes and and even suggest what to order 😀 But when a foreigner asks the answer is actually quite different; I don’t know his preferences and it challenges me more to think.

Since I had to move away from Copenhagen, I fell into the same trap to become a tourist in my ‘once own’ city. But oh well… I will never complain about playing the tourist in Copenhagen. I just LOVE it. Therefore I thought to make this post, where I list all places I went to during the weekend, just by walking and just for relaxing. There are no museums, no running, no queues and so on. You can also do that, but this kind of post will be a relaxing getaway.


When to go: Traditionally I will suggest May, to have best odds for good weather. Except for this year, when we had surprisingly good (and maybe never coming back) weather 🙂


First things first: check in. The cultural touch on the lamps made me fall in love. I love seeing mermaids everywhere (and in a past post I explain where to find 3 mermaids in Copenhagen!)

And now start walking. I love no other city more than Copenhagen for exploring by walking. The way this city (inner city) has preserved the old style just brings peace to my heart.

Wandering around Rosenborg gardens is just peaceful. If you have time, Rosenborg palace and maybe the diamond necklaces display might be of interest to you.

Next stop would be the Botanical gardens. I do not have representative pictures this time, as I truly enjoyed my walk, listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, wandering among people lying and reading books. Most beautiful time to explore these gardens was definitely in spring where all plants on display are fully blossomed.


Botanical Gardens have various paths and hills. Just walk around, it is worth it.

Recently a bridge was built that connects the 2 parts of the city in front of Nyhavn. On the southern side, some food markets have been popular during the past years. Here we visited the new one that is right after the end of this bridge. Beware for very long queues during sunny days.

Well MY visit to Copenhagen will never end without passing by the mermaid. I have continuously heard tourists complain about the size of this statue and that they expect to see something huge and overwhelming. I completely disagree. For me, the overwhelming part, when I first saw her, was exactly the small size of her (which by the way is still bigger than an average human), because it made me relate to her and imagine that I am actually looking at a real person.

If you continue walking towards Kastellet, you will find this corner here. Most likely you will find couples or friends lying down and relaxing on the grass. For romantic souls, when these trees are pink and blossomed, you can lie down while petals fall on you 🙂


Walking around Kastellet and towards Esplanaden you will find several nice images

Second day of the weekend and we decide to skip the hotel breakfast for a well deserved and missed brunch in Fioldstræde street.

After brunch and trying to drag our exploding belly, we head to the lakes. There are 4-5 lakes in a row right behind Nørreport station. Walk across them and find little gems

Next stop would be the ‘secret’ garden behind the Black Diamond library, where all kinds of colours and flowers were waiting for us

Can you tell my happiness level??

To relax we stopped for coffee on the terrace of the shopping center on top of Strøget, the shopping street. Both coffee and view were amazing!

Americano on point

At this point I started to fall in love with my new camera 🙂

And I couldn’t leave Copenhagen of course without walking across Nyhavn several times! Tip: the sunny side of the river is the touristy side but the cloudy side (where I am) is best to enjoy the view

Have you been there? Did you like it?

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Sunset in Kolding

Oh my, finally a wonderful sunset! I have missed greatly the magnificent sunsets of Denmark and I was super extra happy for witnessing these colours yesterday! Beautiful palette of red, orange, fuchsia, yellow, grey and blue colours that to my surprise were very well depicted on camera!

With great sadness though I have to admit that I rarely witness such beautiful sunsets in Jylland. In Copenhagen I remember seeing such a sunset almost every day and running home to capture these colours. From personal statistics, best month for that was October 🙂

But anyway…rare or not..just sit, relax and enjoy 🙂

What about your sunsets??

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Rotterdam vibes

Ahhh…..Rotterdam! During the past year I had the honour to travel extensively there and can safely say it feels like second home! Although I did not experience it as a tourist, the city has a very lively vibe. If you are an architect, go for the design and architecture. If you just like to explore Holland, go for the night and day city life. It is worth a visit!

Although this may not be a typical post, here are some photos from my life in Rotterdam 🙂

Hotel view

How to relax after work at hotel

Artistic view edited by @george.zampoukis.photographer

Hotel relaxing area

Writing down memories

Hotel view for industrial landscape overs

Sunsets and hotel life

Views from gym

Although I can’t find this restaurant again, I think it was an old church turned into a restaurant. Magnificent inside!

Another view from the ‘medieval’ restaurant 🙂



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